What we dois a creative multinational design and brand strategy consulting firm dedicated to urban planning / architectural design / art direction / media release / brand planning and other fields.
  • Suzhou Yuanhe Business Boutique Hotel

    Architectural design/Curtain wall design/Interior design/Landscape design
  • Nanjing Huawei

    VI design/Guides design/Interior design/Exhibition design
  • Wuzhong Museum

    Cultural and creative design/Guides design/Interior design
  • Royal Honor Expansion Project

    Corporate image improvement/Industrial park renovation/Industrial upgrading/Space renovation/Square renovation
  • Dafeng Dutch flower sea regional planning

    City design/Regioactivation
  • Suzhou Su High-tech Group Enterprise Brand Redesign

    Logo design/VI design/Brand planning
  • Planning of Xiangcheng District around Shengze Lake

    City design/Regioactivation
  • Yangcheng Lake Town Planning Exhibition Hall

    City planning/Display design/Exhibition design/Interior design/Space renovation
  • Souvenir design of Yangcheng Lake Town

    Product design
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  • Our service
  • Research
    To provide each customer with professional and personalized services, targeted investigation and research work in the early stage must be indispensable.
  • Consultation
    All-round thinking about the strategies and tactics of the government and enterprises creates a business planning strategy that complements each other.
  • Brand planning
    The overall planning of the enterprise. While designing working methods and culture, convey the "face" of the company to customers.
  • Creative design
    The integrated design covering urban planning, architectural interior, product graphic, etc. is completed by creative teams from all over the world.
  • Capital investment
    After professional diagnosis, help customers to clarify the future development direction and formulate corresponding investment plans.
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